10 Miracle Foods For a Healthy Skin

You can have a young, shiny skin and protect your skin from wrinkles by eating right and healthy.Expert Dietician Mr Amit is offering nutrition for a beautiful skin. Here are recommendations by Amit;

1- Egg: Thanks to its biotin and vitamin B12

2- Walnut: (contains omega-3 fatty acid, provides skin elasticity)

3- Orange fruits and vegetables (carrots, dried apricots, pumpkin, dates): High vitamin content with skin friendly foods. Protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Also fight free radicals that will cause your skin to wrinkle because it has strong antioxidants

4 – Red meat: Because of its zinc and iron content, it is effective in protecting and improving skin health. Take care to consume red meat 2 days a week.
10 Miracle Foods For a Healthy Skin
5- Milk and dairy products: It is effective on healthy skin due to its rich mineral content, especially zinc. Do not neglect to consume 2-4 servings of milk and products (yoghurt, ayran, cac─▒k, kefir) on average every day.

6- Fish: Be careful to consume seasonal fish 3 days a week due to the content of omega 3, especially tuna fish and fish. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to skin moisturization.

7- Purple colored fruits (Mulberry, Blackberry, raspberry, Wild Mersini): It is found in plenty of flavonoid mulberry-berries type fruits which protects and strengthens the capillaries feeding the skin texture. These fruits, useful for blood circulation, allow your skin to age late; Protect the skin from wrinkles that can form.

8- Kefir: There are skin-friendly bacteria in probiotic kefir. It arranges and repairs the skin both inside and outside.

9- Olive oil: Olive oil, which is an omega-9 source, has a positive effect on skin health. It is particularly effective in protecting from age-related skin wrinkles.

10- Water: the skin plays a big role in the moisture balance. For an average of 2 liters of water every day for a healthy skin.

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