How to Create Content for Your blog Easily

In order for your blog to be successful and you can increase visits, you must regularly post good content. But this is not always an easy task. Here I give you some ideas so you can create good content more easily … if you are tired, “blocked ideas” or do not have much time.Sometimes, bloggers can also have the famous “writer’s block”. It just happened to me this Friday when I had to release an article. I spent several hours thinking about interesting topics, and advanced several subjects, but without completing any with complete satisfaction. In my case (and I have read that is the best) I prefer not to throw anything to throw something of mediocre quality. This situation served as an inspiration for this article, to help them (and help me) when they have a “writer’s block”.

How to Create Content for Your blog Easily

Ask other bloggers for permission to copy some of their articles
Of course, clearly mentioning the beginning of the copy, the name of the blog or author. In 80% of cases you will be authorized (in my case, I do). But be careful at least to choose good quality blogs. It just happened that I was going to copy an article that I found interesting, but when I read it in depth, it was not very clear, and to top it off it turned out to be a copy of Wikipedia! However, copying good articles can help us share these contents with our readers, without leaving them blank when we are “blocked”, we do not have time or are on vacation. There are so many articles on the web that your readers will not necessarily find them, unless you put them on your blog. But that yes, remember that what is worth more in a blog is originality. So keep your blog 95% with original content, that is, of your own creation. Ask other bloggers for permission to copy some of your articles.or you have another option copy someone else article and rewrite article and share on social media to use this tool Click this link to rewrite content

Translate articles from other languages.

Unfortunately in Spanish there are not enough good articles that you can find in English (or in French). So if you translate articles from English, you can allow your readers to know articles they suddenly would never find, or understand. Of course, you should also mention the author’s blog name and specify that it is a translation.

Update your old articles.

You can use your old items as a base for new ones. Suddenly there are some things to add, things that you forgot to write before. Suddenly there are news or modifications on the subject. This will allow your faithful readers to review the topic or update. And using keywords different from those of the first article, you will allow new readers, get to your blog and get to know you.

Make an article from comments on your blog or other blogs.

One of the “greatness” of a blog is in the comments. These enrich the articles of a blog. Although commenting on blogs in Spanish is not yet very expanded (you will find, on the other hand, many comments on blogs in English), when you get several comments from an article on your blog you can think of it as a source of information for another article. And if your blog still does not capture many comments, you can go to the most read blogs in Spanish. The comments of your readers may have enriched both the initial theme, which gives for an interesting article. Obviously you will not copy the comments to the letter. Comments are simply a source of information about what the market thinks, about reality, suddenly about examples, and they will serve as the basis for an article in which you put your own views on the subject.

Make an article from conversations in social networks.

The same thing you can do with the conversations in social networks, that is to say, with the interactions that exist between the netizens around a subject. For example, a Facebook post can lead to 20 reactions with interesting and enriching comments. Even better, a discussion in Linked In may have 30 or 50 comments that answer an interesting question, such as “When do you use Twitter?” Or “What Facebook strategies do you use?”. The forums also give you incredible information with which you could write thousands of articles. For example a travel agency or a tourism company can use as information base travel forums , beauty, maternity or couple, can serve you if you have a blog that talks about these topics.