Halogen VS Xenon VS LED Which is better?

One of the technologies in the cars that later developed was lighting, and in recent years we have seen advances that had not occurred in almost 100 years. This leads to a rivalry and a big question: Halogen VS Xenon VS LED, which one is the best?

The oldest technology is halogen headlamps, which have helped illuminate streets at night but not with the ability to do so with enough light to have good visibility at night.In the 1990s, a technology called High-Intensity Discharge (HID) was introduced. Although the discovery of this technology dates back to the 1700s if an application in the automotive world was until that decade.

Halogen VS Xenon VS LED Which is better

It was also known as xenon lights (due to the gas that is produced light in the lamp), HID headlights became very popular for its blue lighting and its presence in luxury cars so the aftermarket parts had a boom that is still present.

The technology that is replacing the HID headlights is the LED lights, which produce a whiter light that many say illuminates better than xenon and that instead of using a filament and a gas they use a diode and electrons that emit light. The problem with LED headlamps is their cost and the difficulty of replacing them.to read more click here to visit this site and read more briefly.

This video does not talk about the latest technology, laser lights, which can already be found in cars such as the BMW i8 and Audi R8, which promises to brighten more without dazzling other people, which is a constant complaint both in HID headlamps like LEDs. If you had to decide on a VS Xenon Halogen VS LED battle, what would your choice be?