Why Do We Gain Weight in Winter Months

The reason for the inverse relationship between the reduction of air temperatures and the acceleration of weight gain; To increase the temperature of the body.This is one of the biggest problems of winter months, which attract attention to weight gain Olcay Barış Expert Diet, which foods to be consumed more or less in these months had to explain.

Olcay Barış Expert Dietician emphasises that when we enter the winter months, the air is cooled and the temperature of the body is increased. “We are trying to maintain this increasing heat with the energy of the foods we eat. The more fat and carbohydrate foods with a high energy level are the ones that are most noticeable in this period. Foods such as ready-to-eat foods, kernels, French fries, juices, chocolates, wreaths, chestnuts are among the things we need to keep away from our table or rarely consume.

Underlining that happiness is also an important place in weight balance, Barış said: “In winter, if we can not benefit from the early darkening of the air and sun rays, it makes it difficult for us to realize the absorption of vitamins D as much as possible and also cause us to become unhappiness-depression. Depression state; It makes it easier for us to gain weight as a result of our tendency to eat more. On the one hand, the weight of thick clothes to hide, on the other hand because the days are short skipping meals are among the factors that accelerate weight gain. ”

Peace tells what needs to be done, considering that overeating in the evening during winter time causes the blood sugar to drop quickly afterwards and thus increases the desire for a night snack, he says: “It is important to pay attention not to skip meals with the short days. The most important snack times, if we can suppress our hunger at these times, we can easily avoid evening and night snacks. 1 bunch of plain white or yellow roasted chickpeas, 2 breadcrumbs and a slice of cheese among the foods that hold the most weight in the meal.

Why Do We Gain Weight in Winter Months

Olcay Baris, an expert dietitian, also reminds: “In winter, the desire to spend more time in warmer environments and immobility cause me to walk away from exercise. However, in order to increase your body heat and make your winter months better, physical activity must be done for at least half an hour every day or 150 minutes a week. ”

Research shows that 25 percent of men in Turkey and 41 percent of women are obese or overweight. It is known that 20-25 percent of the children in the world are obese and 70 percent of these children are obese in adulthood.

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